The starting-point for Waltercio Caldas' sculpture Around was the distance he observed between the houses in Leirfjord. This distance seemed to mark the perfect spacing for maintaining privacy, while also offering a possibility for social contact. In his sculpture, the artist juxtaposes the dimensions of this in-between space with those of the surrounding landscape.

The construction of the sculpture also marks and organises the space around it. Its metal lines can be seen as a three-dimensional drawing against the background of the natural landscape. The sculpture rests lightly on the ground, and seems to be more on a visit than permanently set in the landscape.

The unique element in the viewer's experience of the sculpture is defined by his/her own presence and physical position in relation to it. The sculpture invites us to pay attention to seeing, to enter into an alert state of observation, while also keeping in mind the traditions of sculptural expression.


  • Completed 1994
  • Painted steel
  • 350 x 1800 cm


From Leland towards Sandnes Sea, take the road towards Fagervikneset and drive. 1 mil. The sculpture can be seen on the west side of the road.

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