Waltercio Caldas' sculpture is a "drawing" in steel pipes that both creates a space within itself and highlights the space surrounding it.

Caldas visited Leirfjord in the spring of 1992. The strong visual impression he got from this visit was: The distance – the space between houses – and how this space is perceived in relation to the surrounding landscape with its grand scale and enormous dimensions. To him, the distance between houses seems to be created by a long tradition that defines humans' social needs (the houses should not be too far apart) and at the same time their private needs (the houses should be sufficiently far apart).

With its presence, the sculpture “Omkring/Around” marks the place where it stands, the sea in its immediate vicinity and the sky above it. But it also creates a place that comes to life in the presence of people. 

Caldas' major interest is perception; how we view things and how we perceive what we see. With the sculpture in Leirfjord, he wants to show how our attention moves from one part of the object to another, and also how this constant change through where we see – also changes the image of our own position in relation to the environment we are in.

The sculpture's rectangular openings (doors – windows or maybe framing or a tool to emphasise our focus) can lead in or out, or to see close or far. The sculpture's manmade shape also makes the surrounding natural shapes more apparent to our eyes. The artist himself has described this phenomenon as a clock that measures space instead of time.