Per Kirkeby

Per Kirkeby is one of the best known contemporary artists in the Nordic region, both as a painter and sculptor. He is also a renowned film director and writer, and a geologist to boot!

His many long trips to Greenland, Central America and Tahiti have brought knowledge and inspiration to his artwork. He often describes his art in geological terms, saying that all his paintings are about caves, open places and space.

His first solo exhibition was in 1964 at the Central Library in Copenhagen, and in 1965 at the Free Udstilling, Copenhagen. His first major solo exhibition abroad was at the Folkwang Museum in Essen in 1977. He has since held many exhibitions in public and private galleries throughout Europe and the USA.

Kirkeby has used a wide range of different media in his works. He was a member of the Fluxus group and was influenced by Pop Art in the 1960s. Later he was inspired by Tachisme and abstract expressionism. As a painter he is frequently referred to as a "lyrical expressionist".

Kirkeby’s paintings are poetic and dramatic paintings and stand in stark contrast to his brick sculptures. These have a strong reference to traditional Danish architecture, and are also inspired by Mayan architecture. A group of these sculptures were made ​​for City Hall in Aalborg. Kirkeby is interested in experimental and conceptual art, which resulted in a series of works of art in chalk on blackboards. He has published several collections of poetry, essays and travel books, and is responsible for a number of documentaries and TV productions. He has also produced several art books.

Kirkeby is noted for reviving the Nordic nature romantic tradition, and creates in his artwork exciting fantasy landscapes between dream and reality.

Per Kirkeby

: 1938 København, Danmark

Bor og arbeider: 
København, Danmark og Karlsruhe, Tyskland

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