Anish Kapoor

With his Indian background, Anish Kapoor creates through his art an important dialogue between Eastern and Western art traditions. Kapoor lives in London and since the early 1980s has been an important reference point for the globalisation taking place in culture.

Kapoor's unique position in this process is evidence of the important enriching opportunities that are available in using cultural traditions as a means to create visual experiences through physical presence, and thus contributing to the way we perceive the world around us (and within us) and thus opportunities to see the world and the poetry in the world.

Kapoor's sculpture expresses the poetry of the gaze, something which you would think was impossible to capture in the form of an object can by using the gaze’s creative ability and awareness become a reality that both can be seen and experienced. These sculptures have an immediately presence; they are there to be touched and seen, but at the same time make us aware that emptiness has a form.

Kapoor's sculpture in Vestbygd in Lødingen has been given an ideal location by the sea, which reminds us of a kind of primary or primal landscape with a sense of timelessness that ceases with the tidal swings, and our knowledge that the space around the sculpture hides evidence from the Viking era.

Anish Kapoor

: 1954 Bombay, India

: 1973 Hornsey College of Art, 1977-78 Chelsea College of Art, London

Bor og arbeider: 
London, England