Sculpture "Havsøye" in Sortland - Process

The artist showed great interest in the municipality's history and close ties to the beautiful Sortland sound and the mountains surrounding the town. While exploring the area, he found the rock qualities he wanted to use in his sculpture "Havsøye", Eye of the Sea. This marked the beginning of a successful collaboration between Gudmundson, Lødingen Steinindustri and the municipal cultural administration. Lødingen Steinindustri provided the craftsmanship in the production and polishing of the rocks, and also assembled the sculpture in collaboration with the artist. 

The choice of site was a joint decision by the artist and the municipality. The sculpture was first placed temporarily at the water's edge near the town square. Later, the town built a guest marina with its own breakwater, and the sculpture got pride of place at the end of this structure. Through "Havsøye", you can see the Sortland sound and the mountains toward Sigerfjord mirrored in several different dimensions and angled. This prominent location has contributed to making the sculpture and breakwater a popular lookout. The sculpture is an eye-catcher.

Odd-Roger Dahl