Havmannen stands in the water of the Ranfjord about 15 metres from the water's edge. The surface of the water rises and falls with the tide. The sculpture's position is also defined by its relationship with the town's structure.

The sculpture stands with its back turned towards the town, and looks out over the fjord, in the direction of the open sea. It seems to be concentrating on its own thoughts, turning inwards to its inner space, both as a physical and a mental state. Despite its scale, this sculpture is no monument. Its rhetoric is directed at each one of us individually, and this discussion is private. It belongs to the experiences that we cannot share with others. We base our sense of having something in common on the belief that we share these existential experiences with each other.

If we take a step further away and look at the sculpture in its setting, in the landscape formed by the town and its buildings, the fjord with its water and the fells with their intricate stone formations, we can experience the sculpture losing its materially heavy presence and being transformed into a black outline, almost a hole or a negative form sculpted in the air.


  • Completed 1995
  • Granite
  • Height 1015 cm


The sculpture is located in Ransfjord by Mobekkleira, and seen from the Mo center.

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