Markus Raetz

Markus Raetz is an artist who works with sculptures, painting, graphic design and drawings. He has completed public art projects in Switzerland and France.

Raetz' art is a visual interpretation of the process that is our very existence and sense of life. He wants us to become aware of what we really see, if we free ourselves from our habits and venture out into the adventure of truly seeing. He points out that our position, the physical location of our bodies, determines what we see and experience. 

By moving around the sculpture at Eggum, the spectator can see how the shape changes, through 16 different stages. It can be viewed as a classic portrait, but from a different position, the head is upside down. Shapes are discovered in point and line symmetries, but also in faces. Raetz does not provide his interpretation of the artwork, but rather wants the spectator to make up his own mind about it.

Markus Raetz was born in Bern, Switzerland, in 1941. He has had regular solo and group exhibits in Europe and the United States. In 1986, he put up comprehensive retrospective exhibitions in Zurich, Stockholm and Cologne. Next year, he has exhibitions booked for Valencia, Amsterdam, London and Geneva.

Markus Raetz

Born: 1941 Büren an der Aare, Sveits
Live and work: 
Bern, Sveits