The head at Eggum

Global artist Markus Raetz' experience with Artscape Nordland was quite unique, and I will forever remember Marcus for his humility in his encounters with the landscape, the location, the people, the hospitality and the many magic moments in the process that eventually culminated in "The Head at Eggum".

In his very first, week-long visit to Vestvågøy in 1991, Markus Raetz decided that he wanted his artwork to be placed on the storm-tossed and beautiful north/outer side of Vestvågøy. With the help of a local guide, he got a thorough introduction to Vestvågøy's geography, culture and history.

His "infatuation" with the unique small communities on the outer side of the island came as no surprise to us, and we had absolutely no objections.

When he returned in the summer of 1992, with "no clear plan", so to speak, we wondered whether we would end up at Unstad, Vestresand or Eggum, or whether he would choose an even more remote location.

After he settled on Eggum, he spent days searching for the perfect location. We agreed that he would call us as soon as he found the "right spot". When he finally called, I raced to Eggum, but I couldn't find the artist anywhere in the small town, nor along the road leading out from Eggum.

Far out "in the wild", northwest of Eggum, I saw a figure off in the distance and set off in his direction. "Oh, my goodness," I said, "what are you doing way out here?!


This is the story of how Markus Raetz created a new destination, landmark and "gallery" in Vestvågøy—and one of the most visited tourist attractions in all of Lofoten!

Lars Bakke