The plan is made after an old diagram called The New Jerusalem. It is the base of many sacred structures which have nearly the same underlying plan, like the Stonehenge circle in England, Platon's allegorical city and The New Jerusalem mentioned in the Bible. It follows the wish to understand, to explain the universe, to bring heaven and earth together.

It is a geometrical constructed most complex diagram combining regular and irregular numbers bringing circle, square and triangle together, showing symbols of god and man, heaven and earth, spirit and body, man and woman.

Contrasts belong together in the world system. The square symbolizes the earth and the materialistic world. It shows the four directions of the sky, the four seasons, the house of mankind. The inner circle is the earth circle with the zodiac star. The outside circle is the moon circle with the twelve moons, the twelve months, and twenty eight moon days.

Inge Mahn