Moskenes municipality

The Municipality of Moskenes covers the southern part of Moskenesøya at the far end of Lofoten. Only Værøy and Røst sit further out into the ocean.

Fishing is, and always has been, the main source of income, and Moskenes is among the municipalities in Norway most dependent on fishing. The Lofoten seasonal fishery is the most important of the year, and is a cornerstone in the municipality's sources of income. Several fishermen from Moskenes also participate in the spring cod fishery off the coast of Finnmark. In addition to a number of smaller vessels, there are a few medium-sized vessels of approx. 40 feet, but few larger vessels. 

During the summer months, tourism is a welcome addition to the municipality's income. 

The natural landscape here is some of the most spectacular in all of Norway, and it has attracted painters and climbers alike for a long time. The many authentic and well-maintained fisherman's cabins serve as a popular form of accommodation, where visitors can get a feel for the traditional fisherman lifestyle.

The Norwegian Fishing Village Museum in Å, where an entire fishing village with buildings from the 19th century has been preserved as a museum, is well worth a visit. The museum has information about fishing, fish processing, handicraft and social life in the village. At Moskenes, there is evidence of settlements dating as far back as the Mesolithic era.

The cave paintings at Revsvika are Moskenes' contribution to the "Footprints in the North" project. Kolhellaren is a cave on the edge of the ocean, and there are cave paintings of people here, and these paintings are most likely 3000 years old. The cave was most likely used as a sacrificial site in ancient times, but in recent times it has served many different purposes, such as a destination for prominent guests and summertime shelter for livestock. There are guided tours here in the summer months.

Moskenes <br/> kommune



Area (km2): 120

Inhabitans: 1.118
Administrative centre: Reine

Key industries: Fishing and fish processing

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