Olafur Gíslason

Olafur Gíslason was born in Iceland, but has lived in Hamburg since 1983. Gíslason has had exhibitions in both the Nordic region and Germany, and he took part in the Nordic exhibition "Blue Transparency", which visited several countries in South America, as well as Portugal, Denmark and Sweden in 1991–1992. In 1992, he won the Richad Serra sculpture prize in Iceland.

Gíslason's art often debate established art traditions. He is interested in the dialogue that is created between the artwork and its environment and surroundings, as well as artistic rituals. Olafur Gíslason's installation "Media Thule" is located at Myklebostad.

The sculpture is a timber building, a house created for the spectator. The idea of a house in the middle of a natural landscape is centred on the contemplative situation humans create in close proximity to nature. The spectator is asked to draw or describe his or her ideas and experiences and then put these up on the walls. In turn, these drawings and notes serve as greetings to other visitors, and the process becomes a dialogue between the spectators.

Olafur Gíslason

: 1962 Reykjavik, Island

1980-83 Myndlista- og handidaskóli Íslands, 1983-88 Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg

Live and work: Hamburg, Tyskland