Media Thule, from concept to opening day

Per Ivar Skaanevik

The art installation "Media Thule" by Olafur Gislason was created in 1994. Olafur Gislason was the selected artist, and he visited the area to find a suitable location for the sculpture. In advance, we had narrowed it down to 4–5 different options, from which he chose one. In addition, we organized a slide show, where the artist presented his previous projects and described his idea for the sculpture he wanted to create for the local community. A brief discussion between the artists and those who attended followed. Everyone was sold on the idea, 
and a group was established to promote the sculpture. Over the course of the following winter and spring, the group and artist corresponded, sending drawings, etc. back and forth to plan the construction of the sculpture. The group organized an event to bring in the necessary income to bring the project to fruition. In addition, applications for grants were sent to several different institutions, securing the funding for the sculpture.

The next summer, the artist came to the community and stayed a month for the erection of the sculpture. This turned out to be a good idea, as the artist's plans changed in response to how the project developed on site.

Aslaug Vaa, from the coffee table book "Artscape Nordland".