The sculpture Seven Magic Points lies on a small peninsula facing towards the place where the midnight sun is seen in its full magical splendour during the summer months. The circle that forms the basic shape of the sculpture is like a refection or shadow of the disc of the sun. The circular form tells us about the sun, while the intricate patterns inside it bear a likeness to the natural forms that surround it. They also tell a story of how symbols originate in natural forms. The scene created by this placing has a ritual aspect to it. The presence of the sculpture is also marked by the glowing red iron, and by the way the whole scene changes according to the seasons.


  • Completed 1994
  • Iron relief
  • Diameter 550 cm, height 21 cm


The sculpture is located about 10 km north of Evenskjer. Good signs for "Brattbergan" along Rv 825 against Grovfjord. Path from road.