Martti Aiha

Martti Aiha's art is characterized by a constant exploration. Aiha's artworks vary, both in terms of dimensions and choice of materials. As a sculptor, Aiha works with metal, wood or plastic. In addition to sculpture work, he also draws and paints. 

In the early 1990s, he created four public art sculptures in addition to the one at Skånland. The monumental sculpture "Rumba" from 1992 is on display in Helsinki. The same year, he also completed a public art project for a church in the same city, and in 1993, he completed a public art project in Espoo in Finland. In 1994, Aiho was commissioned to create public art in the operahouse in Gothenburg.

Martti Aiha named his Skånland sculpture "Kallio", which is Finnish for rock or outcrop. The sculpture is a relief, low to the ground on a headland, in close proximity to the fjord and the sea. The artist has seemingly wanted to initiate a dialogue between the resting, metal sun he has created on the ground and the sun in the sky. The basic shape of the sculpture is a circle, composed of low lines and planes. 

Shapes and lines are highly stylized, recognizable in many different cultures worldwide. Together, these elements form a visual script, which the artist uses to move forward, launching a new message and new points of view. Aiha's artwork thus take on a ceremonial characteristic, touching on a world of archetypes and rituals.

Martti Aiha

Born: 1952, Pudasjärvi, Finland

: 1970-72 Konstindustriella läroverket, 1972-76 Finlands konstakademis skola

Live and work
: Helsingfors, Finland