Seven magic moments

INVITATION (November 1994, Nordland County Council archives)

“The Municipality of Skånland and Nordland County Council have the pleasure of inviting you to the unveiling of the sculpture “Kallio” by Finnish artist Martti Aiha. Troms County Council also contributed to the realization of this sculpture.

The sculpture is located approx. 10 km north of Evenskjer, in “Brattebergan”. The unveiling will take place on 12 November 1994, at 2:00 p.m., by Karl Gustav Gjertsen.

In connection with the unveiling, Skånland Art Association are reopening its newly refurbished art centre at Breistrand. After the unveiling, there will be some light refreshments in the art centre, where the remainder of the programme will take place.

This sculpture is the 22nd to be revealed since the project began.