Skånland municipality

The Municipality of Skånland is part of the County of Troms, southeast of Harstad.

Even though the municipality is technically part of the County of Troms, Skånland is, due to its geographical location, collaborating with the Nordland Municipalities of Tjeldsund and Evenes on cultural activities.

Favourable soil conditions and abundant forest resources means agriculture is a significant source of income in the municipality, with animal husbandry being the most common, in addition to potato and vegetable crops.  Forestry is of minor importance. Fishing is not as important in Skånland as it is throughout the rest of Southern Troms. The other main source of income in Grov is the building and restoring of fishing boats. Skånland's main industries include a concrete structures factory, a lumber mill and a mechanical workshop, as well as some fish farms. Less than half of Skånland's workforce has found employment outside of the municipality, and those who have primarily work in Harstad, Evenes and Tjeldsund.

Skånland's contribution to the "Footprints in the North" project is Vilgesvárri/Blåfjell - an inland Saami settlement along an old thoroughfare. There is a 3-kilometre hike to the site. An easy hike takes you further south to Gállogiedde–the Evenes contribution to "Footprints in the North".

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Area (km2): 494

Inhabitans: 2.935

Administrative centre: Evenskjer

Key industries: Service and industry

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