Dorothy Cross' sculpture Shark-Cow-Bathtub is composed of three parts, each of which carries a world of references with it. The combination of these elements creates the possibility for a new story to emerge. In juxtaposing elements like the cow's udder and the shark with female breasts, the sculpture also discusses objects and meanings new to the world of art. The cow's udder is known as a domestic implement in the history of the local households, while the shark with breasts can be seen as a surreal comment on the clichéed image of woman. The iron bathtub that originally formed the third part of the sculpture, and which was expected to disappear through corrosion caused by the tidal waters, but was actually born out to sea by a storm during the second winter of the sculpture's existence.

To spin a story around these objects is to imbue them with time. The uncertainty experienced in the process could be compared to the feeling of trying to use a new word for the first time in speech.


  • Completed 1993
  • Granite, bronze, cast iron
  • Cow's udder 75 x 75 cm, length of shark 250 cm, bathtub 60 x 110 x 57 cm


Skulpturen ligger ved fergestedet Vennesund. Følg Rv 17 13 km sør for Vik. Skilt fra hvit brygge.

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