Hai-Ku-Badekar (Shark-Cow-Bathtub)

PRESS RELEASE 1993 (Nordland County Council archives)

“On Saturday 28 August, at 6:30 p.m., you are invited by Friends of the Sculpture in Sømna and Nordland County Council to the reveal of Dorothy Cross' sculpture at Vennesund in the Municipality of Sømna.

Whaler Steinar Bastesen and Member of Parliament Lisbeth Holand reveal the sculpture by Irish artist Dorothy Cross at Sømna.

Dorothy Cross is part of a young generation of female artists exploring the definitions and constructs guiding our existence through the roles we are shaped by. Female and male roles are polar opposites in this respect. Both represent power, and they are no longer limited to their natural function, but come with a separate history attached.

The sculpture comprises three elements: a female shark, the udder of a stone cow and a small cast-iron bathtub. Over time, the bathtub will corrode or wash away, leaving the shark and cow stranded on the rock.

Dorothy Cross' Irish background is evident in the absurd logic that characterizes the symbolism she applies in her art. In this context, it is not enough to formulate a thought; the spectator must brave the many pathways of poetry and accept a dream logic.”