Sømna municipality

The Municipality of Sømna, south on the Helgeland coast, covers the southern part of the peninsula Sømna, as well as Kvaløya south of it. 

Sømna is particularly well-suited for agriculture, and is one of the few municipalities in the county where grain is grown. There is a mill and grain silo at Berg. There is also the odd vegetable crop, but dairy production is the most common, and Sømna has the highest concentration of dairy cows in the whole county. Sømna Dairy at Berg is the largest dairy in Northern Norway, and also has a creamery, producing butter and cheese. Sømna also has a significant meat production, primarily beef, as well as some pork, but sheep farming is relatively limited. In addition, Vik has a nursery. Fishing is of minor importance, and then only to the far south along Ursfjorden. Most vessels are small, and fishing is limited to coastal catches. 

At Sundspollen there is a very large burial mound, which has not been dated, but the names of farms in the area indicate that the area was settled a very long time ago. There are also several smaller burial mounds in other locations. Vik also has a rural tun settlement.

Sømna's contribution to the "Footprints in the North" project has been dubbed "Vennesund and Kvaløya through 3000 years". The trading post is a destination with strong traditions. The wharfbuilding houses a café and gallery. The fish landing facility has been converted to a coastal recreational centre.

Sømna <br/> kommune



Area (km2): 193

Inhabitans: 2.035
Administrative centre: Vik

Key industries: Agriculture, fishing, industry

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