Hamarøy municipality

This municipality sits north in the Salten region, and stretches from Vestfjorden to the national border with Sweden. 

Hamarøy's trade and industry has changed completely since World War II. Before the war, agriculture and fishing was prevalent, often in combination, but since the 1990s, public and private service providers have become the main employers. Today, Hamarøy's agriculture is characterized by fewer, larger farms, focusing on dairy production and sheep farming. In the 1990s, efforts were made to cultivate new land for agricultural purposes, and to rebuild old farms, and, as a consequence, the municipality now also has a few fur farms. Traditional fishing has declined dramatically, but in the 1990s, aquaculture and shell farming emerged as new and important industries. Hamarøy has great resources for hydroelectric power, and at the top of Sagfjorden is the Sagelva power plant. The municipality's key strategic area is the field of telematics.

West of Oppeid is Hamsund, where the famous Norwegian author Knut Hamsun grew up. His childhood home and the rural buildings at Oppeid are part of the Nordland Museum and the Hamsun Centre, and every year the literary seminar known as the Hamsun Days commemorate his life and work. Tranøy has a lighthouse and maritime pilot station. 

Hamarøy is famous for its varied and beautiful scenery, and tourism is a key source of income. At Tømmernes at the top of Sagfjorden, there are rock carvings dating back to the early Mesolithic era.

Hamarøy's contribution to the "Footprints in the North" project is Hamsun's Hamarøy. The author was strongly influenced by what he experienced growing up here. On this tour, you'll visit buildings and places associated with Knut Hamsun's life work. The Hamsun Centre was funded by Nordland County Council, and was completed in 2009. The centre is part of the Nordland Museum.

Hamarøy <br/> kommune



Area (km2): 1.038

Inhabitans: 1.799

Administrative centre: Oppeid

Key industries: Public and private service providers

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