The Forgotten Town

The Forgotten Town is a non-site, a stage built for something that could have happened, but which is now empty, awaiting its future. The basic idea behind this construction seems to be its temporal paradoxes. Stone as the primordial material is shaped into something that resembles both a ruin and the basic structure of a building that is to be built: past and future exist in the present. The ruin as a concept reflects one of the fundamental ideas of Romanticism: to be able to experience time and space in a brief moment of intuitive clarity.

The whole scene is set in a landscape from which distant views open out onto the fjord and the sky. As people, we are placed high up in the formations of this landscape, so that for a brief instant we get the feeling of being able to control our environment. At the same time, however, we become aware that there is a busy road between where we stand as observers and the folded, U-shaped opening running between the fells and out over the sea. We are in a town that has been forgotten in time, one that is concealed within the complex folds of time.


  • Completed 1996
  • Quartzite, limestone
  • Area 400 m²
  • In co-operation with the architect Johan Celsing


Rv 17 to Oterstranda, follow the signs there. Parking and dirt road to the sculpture.

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