Kjell Erik Killi Olsen

Kjell Erik Killi Olsen is known both as a painter and sculptor. His sculpture in Bø municipality is a human figure positioned close to the sea. It holds a crystal in its hands. The artist himself has characterised the sculpture in an interview in Stavanger Aftenblad of 3 June 1993: "The sculpture is a tall male figure carrying a large crystal - a sacrifice to the sea. It should stand as a beacon and pay homage to the sea."

The figure has a mystical aspect to it. The nature and landscape surrounding the sculpture provides a dramatic and varied arena for the figure. Killi Olsen is known for his free imaginative imagery that contains elements from both primitive visual art and contemporary urban street graffiti, which in some semblance can be encountered in different parts of the world.

Killi Olsen lives in Oslo, but has previously spent long periods in New York and Italy. He has exhibited in several countries. In Norway in 1993 he exhibited a series of paintings inspired by Thomas Mann’s "Death in Venice”.

Killi Olsen

1952 Trondheim, Norge

1973-75 Kunstskolen i Trondheim, 1975-78 Statens lærerskole i forming, Oslo, 1975-78 Kunstakademiet i Pieknych, Krakov, 1979-81 Statens Kunstakademi, Oslo

Bor og arbeider: 
Oslo, Norge