"Proposal I: "Bak vinden / Behind the wind". Female figure with two birds in bronze, possibly 5-7 metres high. The female figure is finished in gold leaf, the birds in black/green patinated bronze. The base is the stone – rock – on which the statue is placed.

Proposal II: "Looking out to sea". Male figure with crystal obelisks (the prisms in the sketch reflect the material and light), possibly 5-7 metres high. Black/green patinated bronze. The obelisks (prisms) are attached to the hands. The base is the rock on which the figure is located.

Proposal III: "The amphora’s secret". Produced in bronze, 5-7 metres high, patinated black with green glaze. Hollow cast and fixed to the stone/rock on which it is placed."

It was decided at an early stage where the sculpture should stand. “The man from the sea” has kept the original legs from the sketch, but the arms are somewhat shorter. He has been accepted; he has come to life.