The Nest

Luciano Fabro says that the sculpture Il Nido is a monument made for birds. The site of the sculpture on an island where migrating birds nest creates this meaning. The forms of the sculpture are derived both from nature and from culture. The eggs mark the beginning of a life, while the classical forms of the columns tell of bygone splendours. There is a beginning and an end to all living organisms, but also a possibility of starting again by recovering the balance and vital energy of life and art, as the artist has expressed it.

Fabro turns the concepts of the private and public upside down. The traditional role of the public place as the site of a monument has been transformed into the life sphere of the birds, while in order to see their monument, we are required to make a journey by boat.


  • Completed 1994
  • Carrara marble
  • Two column fragments diameter 85 cm, height 25 cm, and eggs' diameter 25 cm


Sculpture is placed at Vedøya, about 20 min. with boat from Røstlandet. Boattrip must be arranged.

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