Luciano Fabro was born in 1936 and lived in Milan. It is no coincidence that the Røst artist in Artscape Nordland was Italian—fish is the link in an active connection between Røst and Italy.

Luciano Fabro called his sculpture at Røst a nest. The sculpture comprises three elements—fragments of two Roman columns, lifted by bird's wings. In between these column fragments/wings, are three bird's eggs, protected by the wings.

The sculpture marks the convergence of Italian cultural traditions and Røst's natural landscape. In an interview, Fabro commented on how we relate to nature in our time. He concludes that our generation might be losing our close connection with nature.

The sculpture at Røst is made from Carrara marble, the white rock sought after by sculptors the world over. Choosing an Italian rock is also a concrete nod to the natural landscape in the artist's native country, and a symbol of nature's impact on art.

As an artist, Luciano Fabro represented a movement that respected artistic traditions; their innovations were based on the art of the past. The dialogue between nature and culture is complemented and emphasized by the dialogue within the artwork itself.

Luciano Fabro

: 1936 Torino, Italia
2007 Milano, Italia