Evenes municipality

Evenes sits on the north side of Ofotfjorden far north in the County of Nordland, on the border to Troms. This is the most populated area in Northern Norway.

The municipality is the biggest employer. In addition, there is a fair bit of agriculture, forestry and logging, as well as a foundry, mechanical workshop and lumber company in Bogen. The municipality is trying to facilitate for new industry, and welcomes any companies wanting to establish here. Industrial parks have been established in association with Harstad/Narvik Airport and in Bogen.

Agriculture has declined significantly, and is limited to the outer and middle areas of the municipality, emphasizing animal husbandry (cattle, sheep and poultry). The municipality has deposits of lead and sinc, among other things, and in the past there were iron ore mines here. The Ofoten ore field was operational intermittently from 1900, but it was closed down permanently in 1939. 

In terms of other industry in the municipality, there are a lumber company, foundry and mechanical workshop in Bogen. Outside of agriculture and industry, the service industries, in particular, saw an upswing when the airport opened in 1973 and when the Armed Forces established an air force base here.

Gállogiedde/Myrnes Søndre is a Saami open-air museum at the end of Evenesmark. During World War II, Bogenbukta served as a marina for several German warships, including Tirpitz. There was also a Russian prison camp at Bergvikneset. 

To the west in the municipality lies Evenes Church, a cross-shaped church erected around 1800 in the old Danish manor style. The site has been used for religious ceremonies since approx. 1250, when Haakon Haakonsson had the first church in Ofoten built here. Liland Wharf, cultural heritage site from around 1880.

Evenes' contribution to the "Footprints in the North" project is Gállogiedde, at the end of Evenesmark. The first nomadic Saami reindeer herders settled here more than 200 years ago. This is a typical inland Saami farm converted to an open-air museum.

Evenes <br/> kommune



Area (km2): 242

Inhabitans: 1.376

Administrative centre: Bogen

Key industries: Service providers, transport and communications, construction, commercial activity

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