The sculpture at Vefsn is a stage, with no characters or a finished plot. The stage is built for all of us; we become the main characters when we enter it. The phrases engraved in the rock slabs make it clear that the stage is intended for all of us, both local residents of Vefsn or visitors here. These phrases employ an everyday rhetoric familiar to all of us. They have the same informal tone as the one we use greeting neighbours and friends.

Fire at night, or an open fire, invites creativity—images and stories hiding in our memories or our subconscious. The stage burns with an eternal flame, guiding us on new adventures in the form of new variations of what we see and experience.


Are you alone?

What took you so long?

Is this your first time here?

Can you take a message?

Where are you from?

Are you waiting for someone?

How long have you been here?

Where does this lead?