Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Kari Cavén's sculpture consists of three elements, each of which is made of a different material. Each of them - firewood, wood and stone - have different lifetimes, which makes the sculpture into a kind of time-measuring device set into the landscape. Each part of the sculpture is of equal height, and their circular inner structures are star-shaped. In time, the two wooden sculptures will disappear, but they will most likely live on as memories in the community. Besides their duration, the materials can be associated with different values and sets of values.

For Kari Cavén, materials, ways of treating them, as well as objects, often taken on a new significance, becoming entries in a kind of tangible dictionary which can be used to formulate visual sentences. He often contrasts the visual formulation with a verbal statement.



  • Completed 1992
  • Firewood, wood, stone; three parts
  • Height 210 cm


From Storjordet, head south along the river to Trones center. The sculpture is located near the road on the west side of the river, next to a kindergarten.


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