Uten tittel

The column and the gate are poles marking a scene, a future sculpture park waiting to be created by the artist on this mountain slope. The site is a zone lying between the built-up milieu and the surrounding nature, which has been left unattended as being no one's concern.

The artists has wanted to mark out and activate the area, to make it a place where we are guided into the world of sensory experiences. The symbols used in these sculptures are soothingly familiar, and leave room for experiences before or beyond the intellectual and the domain of the sight. We can hear the brook running down the slope, we can smell the sea and the seasons, we can touch the smooth or rough surfaces of the stones, we can measure ourselves against the scale of the objects, we can try to imagine their weight. We become conscious of being physically present, of our bodies as both the boundary and the connection with the rest of the world around us.


  • Completed 1993
  • Granite column and gate
  • Gate 380 cm, column 550 cm


The sculpture is located in the park area at Taraldsvikelva. Follow the path, starting at the docks. The sculpture is in two parts on site.

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