Baard Breivik

Bård Breivik's sculptural field of interest is complex. He has always been interested in the texture and material of an object, and how these features are shaped by the craft and handiwork applied to the material. He is also interested in tools, and how their shape is related to their function. In recent years, Bård Breivik has created environments that involve all our senses. We see his rock sculptures, which often also involve water; we feel the surface of the rock and become aware of its size in relation to our own bodies; and we hear the water trickling.

In an interview, Breivik has stated that his first meeting with the landscape of Northern Norway, when he travelled the country with the National Touring Exhibitions in the early 70s, meant a lot to him. After this meeting, "I wanted to create an exhibition about natural humans, objects from nature and people's relationship with the so-called abstract world," he said.

Breivik is interested in global parallels in our relationships with nature, with work, the way we fashion our tools, and how we perceive beauty in different materials.

He has sought out these experiences in other cultures as well, and has been influenced both the Far East and South America. He has said that these interests originated in the environments he knew as a boy in Bergen, living with craftsmen.

In Narvik, Breivik has created a column and a gateway. An entrance to a new context, both literally and figuratively. His chosen site for the sculpture is a residual area with no developments, where a small creek runs through the valley. The valley stretches from the fjord to the mountains— a reaching arm of nature through the city.

Bård Breivik taught at Western Norway Art Academy 1977–1980 and was a sculpture professor at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden 1982–1985.

Breivik exhibits regularly in Norway, Finland and Sweden. He has lived in New Yord for long periods of time, and also exhibits there. Breivik took part in the major Nordic exhibitions in New York (1982), Paris (1986) and Tokyo (1987). He also participated in the Venice Biennale in 1986. Breivik has completed several public art projects.

Bård Breivik

1948 Bergen, Norway
: 1965-67 Manger Folkehøyskole, 1967-70 Bergen Kunsthåndverkskole, 1970-71 St. Martin's School of Art, London
Live and work: 
Oslo, Norway

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