No title

PRESS RELEASE, from the Nordland County Council archives

Sculpture by Per Barclay in the Municipality of Fauske

Per Barclay is participating in Artscape Nordland with the sculpture “No title”, which has been installed in the Municipality of Fauske. The sculpture comprises three elements: a 250-year-old boat shed, where the rural museum stores several of its boats, and two blocks of Fauske marble. The two marble blocks rest on aluminium structures outside the boat shed, on the beach.

Barclay's sculpture in Fauske is located both inside and outside. The boats inside are protected by the shed, whereas the marble outside is exposed to the elements. Over time, they will be shaped by the unbending will of the water's movements. Inside as a memory, outside as part of nature, with the sky and the sea as a backdrop, and the dizzying sense of freedom this provides.”


“The Municipality of Fauske and Nordland County Council have the pleasure of inviting you to an enjoyable Saturday afternoon, 18 September at 5:30 p.m., for the unveiling of the sculpture by Norwegian artist Per Barclay.

Ulf Hagen, aged 8, from Kåsmo School, and Raina Koskinen, aged 12, from Fauskeeidet School, will unveil the sculpture, which is the thirteenth sculpture to be revealed since Queen Sonja officially opened the project at Vega on 19 August 1992.”