A song, a poem, look yonder

Artscape Nordland is an international art project with particularly invited artists from 19 countries. It has been described as an art gallery free of walls and ceilings – and with a floor area of 40.000 km². It is within this diverse landscape that Nordland County Council has carried through Artscape Nordland in 36 of its 44 municipalities, as well as a sculpture in the neighbouring county council Troms. The nature and the artscape are inextricably linked to each other, and travelers along this route are guaranteed an extraordinary experience. If we, in addition to this, manage to stay clear of prejudice – and approach this project with an open mind, we will possibly both see and hear the dialogue between artist, sculpture and landscape.

The project’s fundamental idea is that a work of art creates a place of its own through its presence in the landscape. Also, the sculpture highlights its surroundings, so that the place is given an extra dimension. The dialogue that results from the meeting between sculpture and bystander enables different ways of understanding and interpreting art. The sculpture at Træna is the last one in the series, and this concludes a piece of work that has taken more than 20 years.


Built in 2015

Artwork and lyrics: Anawana Haloba
Music and voice: Helen Louise Solberg


The sculpture is situated at Husøy


Opus for himmel og jord (Vevelstad municipality)
En ny samtale (Vega municipality)
While-U-Wheight 1976 - 2009 (Dønna municipality)