Oddvar I.N.

About the artwork

"Through my work with landscapes, I have tried to create artworks that are distinctly local, endemic, dependent on the landscape surrounding them, so that they draw strength from and enhance the qualities of their environment. That is, I don't want to use the landscape as the staging for teh sculpture; I want it to be an active and integral part of it. As an artist, I also believe that contemporary art must reach out to people, build bridges, "give back" the experience, the awe, and make phenomena "visible" to people. In this respect, it becomes the artist's job to be the director.

The area I chose to work with in Vevelstad is unique—enormous slabs of granite that have fallen off the mountain at one point are scattered around the landscape, and light and moisture provide a multitude of variations. My work is based on these qualities; I want to emphasize and enhance them. The work is sensitive to, and exists in interaction with, the changing light and weather along the side of the mountain.

Formally speaking, the circle is a "man-made" shape in the plethora of natural shapes, creating compositional tension. As a shape, and as a symbol, the circle is inextricably linked to mankind's expansion across the earth.

Oddvar I.N.

: 1953 Bø i Vesterålen

, Norway
1977-81 Kunstakademiet i Trondheim, Norway, 1982-84 Jan van Eyck Akademi, Maastricht

Live and work: 
, Norway