Kristján Gudmundsson has said that a work of art is "like a vessel for images and ideas". By calling his work Protractus, he gives it the association of "reaching across" or "going beyond". The basic form of the sculpture originates from a protractor, the well-known implement for measuring angles on plane surfaces or for transforming the scale of things.

In Skjerstad the shape of the protractor is translated onto a monumental scale. When we view the sculpture, its curved opening frames a landscape scene with historical significance. In accordance with the physical size of the object, the material used is stone. The stone, the historical references in the surrounding landscape, and the idea of the protractor represent a time dimension that enables us to go beyond the here and now.


  • Completed 1993
  • Granite
  • Height 316 cm


The sculpture is easily accessible along Rv 812 at the bridge over Støvset Misvær Fjord to Skjerstad.

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