Steinar Christensen's sculpture Stella Maris consists of a composition of objects placed directly on the rocky ground. Its visual presence is reminiscent of still life's, with their accentuation of the ephemerality of life.

The shapes of the objects are like consonants, those letters that are hard-edged and bear the vertical quality of a word or a statement. The role of the vowels, the balancing middleground, is taken here by the actual natural ground in the scene of the sculpture.

Christensen's selection of symbols for this sculpture seems to tell us of a concern for the time and culture in which we are living. The combination of these objects also contains a commentary on them. We are made to look back at our civilisation as if from an imagined point in the future. We ponder whether the objects are on the way to the sea, which almost reaches the site, or has the sea carried them back to their shores of origin?


  • Oppført 1994
  • Stars and marble, steel and aluminium, violin stem of granite and goblet of steel
  • Length of the violin stem 204 cm, diameter of the stars 200 cm, the height of the goblet 240 cm


The sculpture is located in the pebbles around. 200 km northwest of the ferry landing in Skutvik

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