Hulda Hákon

Hulda Hákon is a genuine story-teller. She spins her stories from everyday experiences. She sees these experiences for what they are, yet so intensely that everything takes on a new and deeper dimension. The mundane assumes a hint of fairytale. Her reliefs and paintings often depict a dramatic scene. Dramatic in her sense of everyday life with heightened intensity.

Hulda Hákon was born in Iceland in 1956. She studied at Iceland Academy of the Arts, and in 1983, she attended the School of Visual Arts in New York. She has exhibited her artwork since 1984. She participated in the Sydney Biennale in 1990 and the international exhibition ARS 95 in Helsinki in 1995, and she has taken part in Nordic art exhibitions in New York and London. She has also been featured in several group exhibitions in the Nordic region, as well as Switzerland and Scotland. She has had regular solo exhibitions in Reykjavik, Helsinki and Stockholm. Her artworks are featured in the National Gallery of Iceland, the art collection of Reykjavik city, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki.

Hulda Hákon

1956 Island

Studiers: 1977-81 Myndlista- og handídaskóli Íslands, 1983 School of Visual Arts, New York

Live and work: 
Reykjavik, Island