Uten tittel

Tony Cragg chose the breakwater in the centre of Bodø as the site for his sculpture. This choice reflects the artist's interest in boundaries. The breakwater serves as a point of connection between the sea and the land, between nature and human settlements. The sculpture consists of seven stones, each of which seems to have a story or a history connected to its appearance. The materials around us bear many stories within them, and they also reflect the way that our thinking is made visible in the shapes of the world.

The sculpture itself represents a meeting between nature and technology, or between nature and culture. On the one hand, we can read in it a critique of the Modernist view of nature as a resource for our well-being. On the other hand, we can think of the seven 'holy' stones in the context of culture, and detect in them a mingling of the sublime with the absurd, or of the exalted with the mundane. Simultaneously, the viewer is freed of the solemnity of traditional monumental art.


  • Completed 1993
  • Granite; seven parts
  • Heights 97 cm, 97 cm, 158 cm, 162 cm, 97 cm, 203 cm and 125 cm


The sculpture is located on the pier by the marina in central Bodø.

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