Træna municipality

Træna Municipality is Norway’s oldest fishing community, with findings from antiquity dating almost 9000 years back. Træna is a small municipality with almost 500 inhabitants, and geographically unique due to its location at the edge of the ocean. The municipality consists of more than 418 islands, islets, and skerries, but the permanently populated islands only include Husøy, Selvær, Sanna, and Sandøy. The municipality centre is located on Husøy. Træna has a rich past. On the island of Sanna there is a remarkable collection of ancient monuments, with the mighty Kirkhelleren as the most famous one. Homesteads, grottos, and caves are proofs of settlement in Træna as far back as the Early Stone Age. The homesteads in Sanna are historical remains of some of the oldest houses that have been confirmed in Norway. A walk among old and new settlements in Sanna, among past and present, will take you almost 9000 years back in time.

Fishing is, and always has been, the main source of income in Træna. People have always made a living of what the sea provided them. Fishing has obviously developed through time in this place as well. In addition to ordinary coastal fishing, there is also industrial fishing, and fish farming. As well as this, there are also several other companies which contribute to making the local society productive and viable.




Area (km2): 15,2
Population: 500
Municipality centre: Husøy

Important industries: The municipality’s main industry is fishing, which include coastal fishing, deep sea fishing, fish farming, salting / preservation and processing.   

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