Per Kirkeby's Beacon sculpture is one of a series of brick sculptures in which the artist's starting-point has been the specific site of the work, its genius loci. The forms of these sculptures contain echoes from the history of architecture, reflecting the idea of building as a sculptural and cultural form. Each of the sculptures in this series seems to evoke the specific mood of the chosen place.

The sculpture in Meløy stands on a site characterised by abrupt, steep mountain sides falling down into the fjord in the valley below. The distances are enormous, too grand for the human senses to grasp.

The artist refers to the sculpture as a pavilion, a building designed to allow time and peace of mind for reflection. The construction is not meant to protect us, but rather it creates a point from which we are invited to look around, to gaze into the surrounding nature, its landscapes and changing patterns of light, as they appear to us, framed by the window-openings in the pavilion.

Varde / Beacon


"Concept: Pavilion; "Varde / Beacon". Should be possible to sit inside the structure and view the scenery. Not too large and dominating; "transparent" – humble in relation to the magnificent natural surroundings.

Materials: 3350 - 3500 bricks. Fundament: 7 pillars built on solid ground.

Technique: Brickwork. Construction time: 17-18 working days from start to finish.

Location: Picnic area turn-off down towards Bjærangsfjorden, with view of Svartisen."


  • Completed1992
  • Brick
  • Height 320 cm


Follow Rv 17 to the neck, take the Engavågen / Vassdalsvik. The sculpture is located on Breivik Observatory, just before Bjærangsfjord, about 18 km from Halsa.

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