Sarkis Zabunyan

About the artwork

“When you ask a child to draw a house, this is what the child draws:

To a child this is the prototype of a house. The simpler the design, the cozier the atmosphere. I have already used this house shape in some of my watercolours, and in a sculpture I made for a museum in the Hague, the Netherlands.

I was very surprised when I found this house shape everywhere in this region. When I spotted the little library (en route from Melbu to Hadsel), however, next to this magnificent grey house with a turf roof, I decided to use this house shape as the starting point for my sculpture project. This little library also represents memory, a house of knowledge. Enter, and leave enriched. […]

I wanted to create a house/cabin close to the water's edge. Level with the water. On virgin land. I found this place right next to the little bridge. I suddenly had a vision to make a mirror version of the cabin (double), because the sky is reflected.”


Born: 1938, in Istanbul, Turkey
Lives and works: Paris, France