1. The present hill (chosen to make the exposures on) is moving, it is flexible and soft (sand)

2. The exposures that I'm going to make will be heavy. If you consider the size and scale, one exposure will weigh approx. 10-15 tons.

3. Because of the weight, humidity and inclined plane we need to think of how to get the surface stronger. An architect suggested:
a) special injections to the ground
b) drainage on the surface of the hill
c) planting special grass

- Making ferro-concrete construction in box shape and building stones into it (weight approx. 8 tons, needs special support as foundation, pole)
- Using wooden piles for the breast-wall on the spot (this will be less expensive, less heavy but also less stable). [...]

FOR THE FERRO-CONCRETE BOXES (thickness of the plate 10 cm)
- approx. 15 m3 of concrete (about 30 tons)
- For the masonry work we need approx. 10-15 m3 of found stones (20-30 tons) and cement solution

For the piece I'd need
- 2 m3 white marble
- to cut into 400 pieces, 25x20x15 each
- to weld metal construction to fix marble pieces on
- to glue marble on the construction (using 5 min transparent Epoxy Glue)
- Fixing with the cement solution from the inside =,5 m3

- 0,6 m3 of the Arctic black granite
- To make it from 3 pieces: 220x45x20, 200x30x30, 200x30x30

- 0,6 m3 of the Arctic black granite
- 340x50x40 in one piece"

Four exposures


Artscape Nordland—unveiling of sculptures in SALTDAL: Sunday 5 September, at 1 p.m.

Saltdal Municipal Council has decided that the municipality will participate in the collaborative project entitled Artscape Nordland. So far, sculptures have been completed in more than 10 of 40 participating municipalities.

Our sculptures are made by the 25-year-old Lithuanian artist Gediminas Urbonas. They have been installed in the former sand pit east of Fredheim folk high school, approx. 2 km south of Rognan's town centre. Two of the sculptures are made from Arctic granite from Lødingen, and the third is made from marble from Fauske.

The effect this art project will have on Rognan in the future is not for anyone to predict, but we should expect some surprises. Art is always an exchange between something that already exists, and something new. These artworks have a local connection, because the environment is given, and because the artist is working within the parameters set by the environment. The sculptures provide a new dimension to the local community.

The County of Nordland and the Municipality of Saltdal have the pleasure of inviting you to the unveiling ceremony on Sunday 5 September, at 1 p.m.

* Musical entertainment
* Mayor Terje Torkildsen
* Representative of Nordland County Council
* Representative of Artscape Nordland presents the artist
* Sculptor Gediminas Urbonas describes the process of working on the sculptures
* Artistic entertainment and unveiling by actor Lars Andreas Larssen
* Musical entertainment