Media Thule

Olafur Gislason has built a house, a place where visitors can stay for a while, and reflect upon the scene opening out beyond the large windows, out onto the landscape of the fjord and the mountains. In this scene he isolates the viewer's situation in an encounter with a work of art.

The house is a shelter for contemplation, and thus for the processes involved in our endeavour to become more aware both of our own situation and of the world around us. This is also a site for communication. Here the act of communication is changed to take place between the viewers, between those addressed by the surrounding landscape and the work of art. We are caught up in a continuous discussion between the people visiting the house. An essential experience of art is contained in the individual interpretation of the seen and experienced, and in our ability to share these emotions and ideas. Individual reflection becomes part of the collective stream of consciousness.


  • Completed 1995
  • Wooden house
  • 530 x 380 x 330 cm


The sculpture is located in Rusvik on Myklebostad. From E10 followed Rv 824 against Ramsund, bridge over the Tjeldøya, further south towards Myklebostad. Path from parking.

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