Ocean Eye

The Ocean Eye sculpture contains two basic shapes: a boat and a house. Reflecting the basic needs of man, the forms are also familiar symbols the world over. The house rests on the boat. In the centre of the house shape there is a diamond-shaped opening, a window that both opens outwards and frames - thereby drawing in - the beautiful view far away on the other side of the fjord. The highly polished sides of the opening reflect the changing moods of the sea, the sky and the mountains, in a ongoing spectacle of light and movement.

Gudmundsson's art shows how close poetry actually is to everyday things, to what we see and think, and how we understand it. This is the kind of poetry that does not suggest escape, instead it recommends that we try to see things from a different angle and at a new distance.


  • Completed 1992
  • Granite
  • Height 340 cm


The sculpture is readily available at the pier in the center of Sortland.

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