Uten tittel

Dan Graham's glass construction with its transparent, reflecting walls has been placed beside the main road that runs through the arm-like geographical formation of the Lofoten Islands. The sculpture seems to be present not primarily as something material, but rather as something that captures the light and the image of surrounding landscape. With its reflective, concave panorama wall, it creates a feast for the eye. We see simultaneously a landscape that could appear in any painting that takes the sublime landscape as its theme, but which in this unique moment is both present and depicted.

We are confronted with questions, states and positions that refer both to our way of observing the world around us and to our own position in it. We are inside an experience process whose pace and narrative we are able to regulate. This event is created by the sculpture and its filmically varying surroundings, but we are able to take part in its shifting play. We can choose our own role, our own position in the whole. The artwork is a picture, an object and an architectonic form, but above all it is an event.


  • Completed 1996
  • Two-way mirror construction, stainless steel
  • Height 250 cm, width 300 cm


The sculpture is close to E10 at Lyngvær old ferry, 25 km west of Svolvær on the road to Leknes

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