Today, Tomorrow, Forever

They were here first, the mountains –
then the fjords, the forests, the rivers.

The first artists
Ice and Water
ardently set to work
with tools provided by the Maker Himself:
sun – wind and rain.

With heat and cold,
with love and pain,
with fantasy and the urge to create
they were carved – the monuments:
the tides, the gorges, the cliffs,
then they carved out the grottos
the caves – the harbors
all under the artist’s direction
and sense for drama and details,
recognized, loved and hated
reverently referred to by the name

Slowly but surely
the artwork is formed
the painter enters.
The colors are mixed
to the rainbow that touches on Telling Peak.
Night conceals the work as
a cape in white is thrown over
– and a watch is begun
– a sprinkling of stars –
Night is long
as though TIME stands still.

Then comes the signal
and the cape is flung aside –
an unveiling occurs
that is beyond dramatic
Birds and rivers sing in harmony
for under the cape is a garden
luxuriant and colorful, useful and good.

But TIME is restless
and loves change –
see the spring blooms wither and cultural spires grow.
New effects are tried and abandoned,
seeds become flowers
that again become earth.
But the Maker has new ideas
wilder than imaginable
and takes all the colors He can find
and scatters them in the autumn forest.

This is where they come, the people
from fjords and mountains
like artists in their own way
to use time, however brief.
The first worked hard
but learned from their toils
harvesting mountain, river and forest
harvesting earth again and again.

Soon they stood
the first monuments
to perseverance’s optimism and belief.
Heavy logs became secure homes
ornaments fastened to village ground.

Sussi H. Gabrielsen

There has been an incredible amount of indecision regarding placement of the monument, and Beiarn municipality would be among the elite of Nordland if one were to calculate the number of changes made in regard to the sculpture project.
Brønnøysunds Avis 20.08.92

Some like, and others do not. That’s art. It is good that the sculpture is being discussed at all.
According to the artist Kari Cavèn. Nordlands Fremtid 14.09.92

The work of art was properly discussed and “the experience” must unconditionally be up to the individual’s “perception”.
Minutes from Centrum Retiree Union’s outing to Beiarn. Nordlandsposten 01.09.95

The piles of firewood in Beiarn or the mess at Breivikhøgda will never mean anything for travellers.
ascertains Rolf Dybvik in Nordlands Framtid 11.03.93

The chief unveiled woodpile.
Headline in Brønnøysund Avis After opening for Kari Cavéns sculpture, 15.09.1992