PROTRACTUS (lat.) – a bridge between two worlds. If it is by the sea it refers to navigation, which in turn leads to thoughts about the art of sailing along the coastline more than a thousand years ago. Some of those navigators now rest in large circular burial mounds in the region.

Natural grey basalt stone or granite.

A natural stone platform.

Sawn out

By the sea (near the new bridge?)"

The sculpture "Protractus" in Skjerstad is located by the road that leads to the bridge over Skjerstadfjorden. The sculpture’s semi-circular shaped opening frames a cultural landscape containing numerous historical sites. The sculpture’s shape stems from a protractor, an instrument used for measuring angles and drawing to scale. The title "Protractus" refers to a prolongation. To measure, and to see things in another scale, to raise one’s sight, to look beyond... perhaps a place in the direction one’s thoughts are led by this “vessel”.